The Hero Worn Apparel Co. Difference

Hero Worn Apparel Co. is a subsidiary of Hero Worn Apparel LLC. We are a southwest Florida family owned business established in 2017. At Hero Worn Apparel we have a deep respect for the men and women in fields of service to our country and communities. We strive to share their stories while giving back to causes that support their fields.

We achieve this through the combined efforts of active and retired members of military,police,fire/ems,doctors/nurses/health providers,teachers and our customers.

When you buy from Hero Worn Apparel Co. there is a process in which every garment has been through to become your 100% original piece and we would love to share that process with you:

The first step in creating every product we manufacture is "The Hero Worn Uniform". Every Hero Worn Apparel Co. product incorporates a piece of uniform fabric that was worn in the field and donated by a man or woman that served our country or community. These uniforms have a unique one of a kind story built right in which leads to the second step.

"The Hero Worn Biography". Every Hero Worn Apparel Co. product features information about the person who wore the uniform used in your garment. This information includes:

The first name & last initial of the Hero that donated the uniform or if they have chosen to remain anonymous.

The field they served in.

Locations the uniform was worn

Historic events it may have been worn during

Duties performed in that uniform

Years of service 

plus much more.

 The third step is you "The Hero Worn supporter". When you purchase a Hero Worn Apparel Co. Product, $4.00 dollars from every item sold is evenly donated quarterly to the following charities;

     National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

(Click on each and you will be redirected to their websites for more information on their missions and programs)