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What We Do

Step 1:

We use donated uniforms and handcraft them into Hero Patches. The uniforms were once worn by members of The U.S. Military, Law Enforcement agencies, Emergency Medical Services, Fire Departments, Healthcare professionals, and Educators. 

Step 2:

Everything we offer includes a Hero Patch of your choice based on which branch of service you would like to honor. Each Hero Patch comes with a biography detailing the service of the uniform wearer. 

Hero Patches are also Velcro backed; this means they are interchangeable and can be removed prior to washing. (receiving side Velcro is attached during manufacturing and is positioned on the left side of every Hero Worn item)

Step 3:

$4.00 dollars from every item sold will be donated evenly to the following 4 charities:

Operation Homefront, Concerns Of Police Survivors, National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, and